Where Did Lipstick Originate From?

Published: 17th April 2009
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Lipstick as we recognize it is a relatively recent invention, but women have been coloring their lips for a very long time. A vibrantly dyed lip was worth paying any quantity of money and using any substance, enjoyable to make a vividly colored lip.

Prehistoric Indian people prized the look of the colored lip, even coloring their lips with mashed valuable coffee beans. By means of a potentially deadly amalgam of kelp, iodine and bromine mannite, ancient Egyptians colored their lips a maroon dye, inspite of the danger to their health. To attain a crimson hue to her mouth, Cleopatra made a dye of beetles and ants. Females in groups spanning the globe have refused to let anything deter them from accenting their lips.

Descriptions of those molded and perfumed items are available in the Kitab al-Tasrif, the 30 volume Arabic medical book of 1000 C.E. (Common Era). Abulcasis was really much more than an architect of the premier compact make-up product. Abulcasis, the father of present day operations is a famous doctor, scientist, chemist and cosmetologist. His texts were written in Latin and used as the essential book for doctors until the fourteenth century. The concept that there is an entire division devoted to make-up in the nineteenth tome indicates the significance of cosmetics from the start of the cultured world.

While many humans know using the best lip stick is just about appearing beautiful to satisfy a life instinct; females employ lipstick as a way of boasting self confidence. Although not an economic guideline people will hear discussed in the news, there is a theory that sales of lipstick rise during an economic downturn.

The idea that lipstick makes a lot of women feel better makes it well worth the money, in spite of the position of the economy. It is a tiny treat multiple females will let themselves even in the toughest times. Several large cosmetic producers noticed a marked rise in market in 2001 after terror of 9/11 shocked the economy, and those same companies are launching new lip stick advertisements in 2009 to capitalize on the trend as market remains flat lined.

A quick tally revealed greater than 65 major companies selling a huge array of lip products. The attractive lip look made by applying lip liner with lip stick has caused cosmetic manufacturers to update the way they manufacture lip pencils. To get that shiny lip appearance, manufacturers have added oil to enhance gloss and herb and spice for a nice scent.

Bugs and ground coffee beans are an item of past as new expertise and ingredients have bettered lipstick mixtures. No one really minds what goes into their favorite lip stick. What matters most is how vibrant and desirable the lips look.

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