Selecting the Best Face Moisturizer

Published: 17th April 2009
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Eventually, due to numerous conditions, there is a gradual destruction of the epidermal cells, moisturizers contain substances which that prevent cellular dehydration and stop the cell destruction. The creams available over the counter at this time have a range of other advantages besides hydrating the skin. Depending on the particular mix of emollients, humectants and perfume the skin cream can protect, tone, improve texture, cover imperfections and sooth the senses. Many skin care formulations claim to do all of the above.

If you want to choose the most appropriate moisturizer for your skin begin by learning more about the elements added to it. Once you know a few basics you can use that knowledge to your knowledge of your skin type and make a well thought of decision when you jump into the sea of face moisturizers.

Emollients are products that fill the space between cells in the skin. By replacing lipids they nourish and lubricate rough skin. Oil and water based emollients are offered although most of the products on the shelves today are water based. Oily creams are more difficult to use and make the skin look oily but will stay longer than water based emollients. The most commonly used emollients are lanolin, petrolatum and mineral oil.

Humectants absorb water from the atmosphere and bind the moisture in the skin. Softening thick or scaly skin is what humectants are most useful for. Some common humectants are urea, glycerin and alpha hydroxy acids.

Some of the ingredients have annoying odor and perfumes are added to mask these odors. Perfumes are also added to incorporate the advantages of aroma therapy. Most people who face allergic reaction to dermatological products are actually allergic to the perfumes used.

Another ingredient in moisturizers today is the preservatives. Preservatives are added to prevent bacterial contamination after the first use of water or oil based product. Usually more than a single preservative is included. Some skin allergies may be related to the use of the preservatives.

Most skin care products also include other ingredients like vitamins, sun screens, minerals and many other elements. Claims are made concerning many results that have no scientific basis. The Food and Drug Administration is considerably lax with beauty products as compared to consumable products and medical products.

The best facial product for you will depend on the combination of your skin type, any special skin conditions and your age. When trying to find a beauty product that is apt for your skin type and makes your skin soft, keep in mind that there is no association between effectiveness and price. You may not be successful with all the products so try several brands in small quantities.

Skin can be categorized into 5 different types. Dry or oily spots are not seen on normal skin. For people with normal skin a non greasy water based moisturizer is the most suitable. Elements included are cetyl alcohol or cyclomethicone. For dry skin an oil based lotions to make skin moist is called for. Check for urea or propylene glycol among the elements used. Products suitable for greasy skin will be water based and will be tagged as "noncomedogenic". This type will not clog pores which would cause acne. Sensitive skin products are artificial color and perfume free. For middle aged people oil based petrolatum rich moisturizers with lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid are the most effective.

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