Lip Liners: The Best Lip Make-up

Published: 17th April 2009
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Going through the cosmetic section of a local drug store and trying to decide choose immediately is the mosttrouble some way to get a new mood. Instead of just getting into the pharmacy and getting products that you will hate later, you could first decide on the look you wish for and then get the appropriate items for that look. If you know what you are trying to find; buying it will be easier. Since you will have your list handy you willknow exactly what items and colors you need.

Lip liner can be your artist's brush. It is significantly helpful to give you a well made up look and prevent the lipstick from spreading outside your lips. With correct application you can experiment with a number of looks and correct any characteristics about your lips you don't like. Never get a lip liner on it own always pick it with the lipstick. The lip liner should only be a shade darker than your lipstick.

You should use the lip liner to draw the outline and you can also fill it on your lips before using the lip gloss or lip stick. The lip liner will help to make your lip stick stay longer and will be a comfortable base. Even if the lip color fades away the lip liner will still be on your lips giving your lips a glamorous look. It is a good idea to put on a lip moisturizer that includes Vitamin E or amino acids prior to starting your make-upusage to keep them in proper condition. No amount of cosmetic products can make-up for soft lips. They are your foundation.

To outline or not to draw the outline first is entirely up to you. Try both ways. A few users find it more comfortable to use the lipliner first and then put on the lipstick while others find it more convenient to do it the other way round. the sequence in which you put on your lipstick and lipliner at your discretion, there are a few tips which will help you to get that charismatic look. When youuse the lipliner to draw the outline always start at the centre of your mouth so thecentre of the upper lips and then the centre of the bottom lips complete by drawing at the corners of your mouth. You can then extend these lines to draw the complete shape of your mouth.

A lip liner give you rave results; if you know how to apply it, it will make thinner lips look bigger, bigger lips look thinner, and irregularly shaped lips look well defined; it is also effective to balance the contour of the lips and the tone as well. Never work on the entire area at one go start with one section of the mouth make the corrections and then move on to the next area till the complete mouth is done.

If you want to make corrections remember what kind of lip stick you will be applying. you can also make you lips appear bigger or thinner depending on the type of shade that you use, a matte lipstick will make your lips seem thinner while a glossy color will make them appear fuller. Avoid making the tacky blunder of using a dark liner with a light gloss or lipstick.

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